Improving Student Achievement

When it comes to improving student achievement, what matters most should never be at the mercy of what matters least. Increasing the quality and quantity of student performance feedback—both from teachers to students, and from student to their teachers—is the most reliable way to improve academic achievement (Hattie, 2009, 2012; Haystead & Magaña 2014; Haystead & Marzano, 2008, 2009; Magaña & Marzano, 2013, 2014, 2015). Communicating clear learning outcomes and regularly monitoring progress is associated with the highest gains of any single instructional strategy—up to 4 years or more of student achievement in a single academic year. But without a common progress monitoring system or a common language of assessment, school systems experience random acts of improvement rather than aligned acts of improvement. We fix that, because it’s what matters most.


MasterTrack is a web-based progress monitoring system that makes it easier to improve systemic student achievement in Math and ELA

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MasterTrack Solutions offers administrators monthly data coaching sessions. Principals learn how to best use MasterTrack data reports to maximize their school’s student achievement.

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Teachers love how simple it is to target remediation and enrichment efforts each week in their classrooms! Want to get a sense of the software and see all of the features?

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MasterTrack helps us collect, report, and make data actionable in real time. That allows us to provide the right interventions at the right time to personalize instruction. MasterTrack is like an early warning system that, if we pay attention to and act upon, really serves our students’ learning needs. MasterTrack has had a significant and positive impact on the overall instructional quality at our school.

Vicki Sacco Principal, West Seattle Elementary School

Our teachers use MasterTrack’s real time data reports to form small groups,” says Wayne. This makes it much easier to have an effective standards and competency based learning system in an inclusion model.

Wayne Floyd Principal, Loyal Heights Elementary School

All of our students are capable, but even our most gifted students have gaps in their foundational learning. MasterTrack’s reports give us a laser focus to zone in on specific skills gaps. Now we know exactly how every student is performing. Timely feedback data that’s clear and concise is the secret to our success.

Brandon Vaagsland, Elementary School Teacher
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