An admitted “math geek” with exceptional social skills, Torrey earned a double major in mathematics and statistics before receiving her Masters in Teaching degree in Education Technology, where Sonny Magaña served as both her Professor and Dissertation Chair. During her years as a middle school math teacher, Torrey thrived on bringing her students to that “Aha!” moment, when that elusive math concept really clicks.

Torrey’s passion for math, teaching, and teacher support has driven her work as a professional development consultant in the areas of research and development in mathematics education and technology integration. Torrey understands first-hand the daunting pressure upon teachers to successfully ensure their students’ achievements, and she believes that teachers deserve only the best tools to support this effort.

ReThink Mathematics and MasterTrack software were founded and developed by Torrey to support teachers, schools, and school districts in implementing and assessing the Core Standards in Mathematics. With professional development, along with standard-by-standard classroom based assessments and simple reporting tools, teachers and principals can know with precision in real-time what specific standards each student has mastered so that teaching and support can address students’ and classrooms’ needs.

Today, Torrey’s “classrooms” may be filled with teachers instead of students, but those “Aha!” moments are loud and clear, and every bit as gratifying.