Concord International school is committed to providing all students with academically rigorous experiences in all content areas. Perhaps no better example of this commitment can be found in Carly Groszhans’s classroom – where, in just one year of implementing MasterTrack, her students’ math performance on their district-wide assessment grew from 60% to 85% passing by the end of the 2018-19 school year. 

Ms. Carly, as she is known to her students, teaches 2nd grade at Concord, a Title I dual language school. Although her students are eager learners, they often face challenges that make it difficult for them to access daily instruction. Ms. Carly is often faced with the challenge of teaching 2nd grade material to students who have often already fallen well-behind grade level, while still meeting the needs of students who may be performing at or well-above grade level. Ms. Carly, a passionate educator who is determined to meet her students’ academic needs, found MasterTrack to be just the tool she needed to ensure student success in her classroom. 

Through her consistent use of MasterTrack’s benchmarks, checkpoints, data-tracking program, and small group function she has been able to monitor and adjust her small flexible math groupings – helping her to not only accelerate the growth of her Tier III students (performing critically below grade-level), but also the learning of students approaching, at, and beyond grade level. 

Perhaps even more notable, is the level of excitement and determination exhibited by her students regarding MasterTrack in her classroom! Students often analyze MasterTrack whole class data – not only supporting the 2nd grade math standard of interpreting graphs – but allowing them to take ownership and pride in the learning process. It’s not uncommon to hear her students sharing out what current class goals are and where Ms. Carly needs to focus her teaching – instilling a growth mindset in all who are part of her classroom. 

MasterTrack reports have also helped Ms. Carly communicate with all stakeholders at Concord regarding student progress and how to address areas of concern as well as create and track data related to her own personal growth goals. 

Ms. Carly puts it best herself, “I could NOT function as a math teacher without MasterTrack!” 

MasterTrack is proud and honored to help dedicated educators like Ms. Carly maximize student growth.  How can we help you increase student achievement?

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