As a new Principal, Dina Fox knew that to reliably increase student achievement at Clear Lake Elementary School, a school labeled as “Needs Improvement,” she had to focus on methods that mattered. As a former math coach, Dina knew what mattered most: continuously monitoring student progress, targeting specific skills gaps, and varying instructional methods to bridge those gaps.

Because of Dina’s skilled leadership, these highly reliable strategies are now routine practice at Clear Lake. Ensuring student growth and tracking mastery has contributed to Clear Lake’s rise from “Needs Improvement” status to a school that was recently celebrated for its remarkable gains in student achievement.

“We have great teachers here at Clear Lake,” Dina said recently, “But with so many shifts that are required to address the CCSS, our teachers have had to work really hard to manage and track all of that formative assessment data. This was taking lots of time and energy, and so we were looking for a tool to make this easier. MasterTrack has been a real game changer!”

Clear Lake teachers and instructional support staff at all grade levels have been using MasterTrack to manage and track student progress more effectively.

Dina observed, “I now hear teachers telling each other things like, ‘So-and-so is proficient at modeling decimals, but is not yet proficient at modeling fractions.’ I’ve never heard that level of precision before when teachers would talk about student learning! What’s so amazing about using MasterTrack is that this kind of teacher talk is now a part of our school’s culture.”

Dina went on to say, “We also focus on inclusion for all of our students, and the reporting tools in MasterTrack are really helping us serve our special needs students. The individual student reports in MasterTrack are perfectly suited to students’ IEPs (Individual Education Plans).

Clear Lake Elementary School was recently honored with the Washington State Achievement Award for improved student performance, and growth, in reading and math.

Clear Lake was also recognized as a Washington State School of Distinction for the 2015 school year. This award is reserved for the top 5% of schools in Washington state based on continuous improvement in student achievement in math and reading over the past 5 years.

MasterTrack is proud to help the dedicated educators of Clear Lake Elementary School maximize student growth. How can we help you increase student achievement?

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