MasterTrack Solutions releases latest version of progress monitoring tools to track student mastery in K-8 Common Core State Standards for Math and ELA

Seattle, WA August 25, 2016 – Responding to the mounting pressure on teachers and principals to improve student achievement on Common Core State Standards (CCSS), MasterTrack Solutions announces the release of MasterTrack 3.0. MasterTrack 3.0 unpacks the K-8 CCSS in Math and English Language Arts into specific measurable skills, making it easier for teachers to align their instructional, assessment, and progress monitoring practices to the CCSS.

Most schools don’t know whether or not their students have mastered the skills they need to perform well on the CCSS until after those test scores are released. MasterTrack’s progress monitoring and reporting tools work like an early warning system, giving principals and teachers the vital learning feedback they need to make course corrections throughout the academic year—well in advance of those high-stakes examinations.

“Elementary school teachers have one of the hardest job in the world,” says Torrey Volk, founder and CEO of MasterTrack Solutions. “That’s why I’m honored to help teachers get the tools and resources they desperately need to align their instructional and formative assessment practices to the CCSS. Schools who use MasterTrack’s assessment and data tools to identify and bridge students’ skills gaps in the K-8 CCSS have seen dramatic gains in student achievement.”

Under Torrey’s guidance, MasterTrack Solutions now offers an innovative executive coaching model for school leaders. MasterTrack’s monthly evidence-based coaching helps elementary school principals gather and act upon school-wide formative learning feedback to identify, clarify, and rectify students’ skills gaps on the CCSS.

About MasterTrack

MasterTrack Solutions is an educational solutions company founded in Seattle, WA by former math teacher and instructional coach, Torrey Volk. Developed in service to educators, MasterTrack’s team of educators synthesizes the highest quality research on standards-based feedback, formative assessment, and progress monitoring into practical, easy-to-use tools for school improvement.