Improve Elementary School Math Achievement

MasterTrack Solutions partners with elementary schools to maximize students’ growth and success in mathematics. Our MasterTrack coaches work hand-in-hand with school principals and teachers to ensure each student masters all major math skills and concepts.

MasterTrack, developed by classroom teachers, is a unique personalized progress monitoring system that allows educators to easily monitor, track and maximize student achievement in their schools!

Our MasterTrack program consists of the following components:

MasterTrack Coaching:

  • MasterTrack Coaching: Our MasterTrack coaches work hand-in-hand with school principals and teacher leaders to ensure all students master each critical grade level math skill and concept. Learning isn’t one size fits all. MasterTrack Coaches work closely with school principals and teacher leaders each month as they roll out MasterTrack at their own pace . . . this is our secret sauce!

Math Assessments:

  • Benchmark Assessments: MasterTrack Solutions provides schools with grade level fall, winter, and spring benchmark assessments to obtain a baseline for each student’s understanding of the core K-8 math skills and concepts.
  • Checkpoint Assessments: MasterTrack Solutions provides a bank of skill based “checkpoint” math assessments (yes, pen and paper) for teachers to use each week to closely monitor student progress on the core K-8 math skills and concepts. Schools may opt to use their own classroom based assessments.

MasterTrack Progress Monitoring System:

  • MasterTrack Progress Monitoring System, developed by classroom teachers, makes it easy for educators to track individual student progress on all critical core math skills and concepts, each week, all year long. MasterTrack’s unique data reports provide schools with the precise, timely, actionable data needed to significantly improve student achievement.  Click here to learn more about MasterTrack’s reports.

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