Improving Elementary Math

MasterTrack Solutions supports elementary schools across the country in maximizing student growth and success in K-8 mathematics. We, being educators, know success is dependent on each student having a strong foundation in elementary mathematics.

MasterTrack, designed by teachers, is a unique progress monitoring intervention system developed to help schools easily track student progress on each foundational math skill for every grade level. Every week, teachers use MasterTrack to identify and fill students’ math learning gaps ensuring a strong foundation by the end of the school year. Teachers love how simple and effective MasterTrack is to implement with any math curriculum.

Program Overview

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MasterTrack Coaching

Our team of experienced MasterTrack Coaches work hand-in-hand with schools across the country to help students master critical math skills and concepts. Learning is never one size fits all. That’s why we work closely with schools each month as they roll out MasterTrack at their own pace. With our innovative coaching program, building leaders can orchestrate significant gains in student achievement. Our coaching support truly sets us apart.

Without MasterTrack’s monthly coaching, our program would die on the vine!

Taunya Campbell, Director of Curriculum & Instruction, Lovington, NM

MasterTrack Assessments

As classroom teachers, we know the importance of seeing student work to understand student thinking. That’s why we provide highly targeted, skill based, paper and pencil assessments.

Benchmark Assessments: MasterTrack provides grade level fall, winter, and spring Benchmark Assessments to obtain baselines for each student’s understanding of the major K-8 math skills and concepts.

Checkpoint Assessments: MasterTrack provides a bank of skill-based Checkpoint Assessments for teachers to use each week to monitor student progress on the major K-8 math skills and concepts. Schools may also opt to use their own classroom-based assessments.

MasterTrack Progress Monitoring and Reports

Our Progress Monitoring System makes it easy for educators to track student progress on major math skills each week, all year long.

Our Progress Monitoring Reports provides educators with concise, actionable data reports enabling them to create plans of action that maximize student learning.

Our Small Groups Reports helps teachers build targeted learning groups to respond to every student’s learning needs.


MasterTrack helps us collect, report, and make data actionable in real time. That allows us to provide the right interventions at the right time to personalize instruction.

Vicki Sacco, Principal, West Seattle Elementary School, Seattle, WA

Our teachers use MasterTrack’s real time data reports to form small groups. This makes it much easier to have an effective standards and competency based learning system in an inclusion model.

Wayne Floyd, Principal, Loyal Heights Elementary School, Seattle, WA

All of our students are capable, but even our most gifted students have gaps in their foundational learning. MasterTrack’s reports give us a laser focus to zone in on specific skills gaps. Timely feedback data that’s clear and concise is the secret to our success.

Brandon Vaagsland, Teacher, Loyal Heights Elementary School, Seattle, WA

MasterTrack is like an early warning system that, if we pay attention to and act upon, really serves our students’ learning needs.

Vicki Sacco, Principal, West Seattle Elementary School, Seattle, WA

MasterTrack supports our district’s annual plan to assist with the setting of goals for student performance and proficiency. MasterTrack defines where breakdowns and deficiencies exist in student learning and drive action by teachers.

Taunya Campbell, Director of Curriculum & Instruction, Lovington, NM

I could not function as a math teacher without MasterTrack!  It has helped me stay organized, motivated my students and families, and has been a consistent platform to share data with all stakeholders at my school!

Carly Groszhans, Teacher, Concord International School, Seattle, WA

MasterTrack has had a significant and positive impact on the overall instructional quality at our school.

Vicki Sacco, Principal, West Seattle Elementary School, Seattle, WA

As a Principal, MasterTrack helps me see the big picture. I am able to quickly see my students’ areas of success and areas of weakness. I am then able to dig deeper and see individual classroom data to pinpoint areas of focus.

Lori Brattain, Principal, Jefferson Elementary School, Lovington, NM

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MasterTrack partners with districts, schools, and educators across the country. We are in over 50 schools nationwide. We customize our support to meet the unique needs of each of our MasterTrack Schools.

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Thank you so much for the amazing Math workshop yesterday! It was the best and most helpful one I have ever attended in my 30 years of teaching! 

Laurie Kerley , 4th Grade Teacher ICRS, Mt. Vernon, WA

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Why schools love MasterTrack!

MasterTrack is a cloud-based progress monitoring system that was designed specifically to support highly effective feedback and progress monitoring strategies. MasterTrack makes it easy for teachers, principals, and district leaders to assess and monitor student progress on major math skills and concepts, in real time. Using a simple 3-point coding scale, teachers use MasterTrack to get clear, actionable data at the right time, and with our innovative monthly online data coaching, building leaders can orchestrate significant gains in student achievement.

MasterTrack allows instructional leadership teams to be able to see how their students are performing on major math standards every week during the instructional phase well before district-wide standard examinations. Every teacher is able to see precisely how every student in their school or district is progressing towards the major math standards in real time!

MasterTrack allows students to regularly monitor their progress towards mastering the major math skills and this feedback helps them plan for achieving mastery with greater precision. Seeing the impact of their effort translated into real progress is highly motivating for students and helps them develop a growth mindset (Dweck, 2006).

Hear What Principals + Teachers Are Saying About MasterTrack


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